Timeless Service | Since 1923

Serving New York City For 3 Generations

New York City | Since 1923

Much has changed since 1923 when the current CEO’s grandfather started Stadnyk Window Cleaning Company in New York City. A century later, Retro Maintenance has continued to grow and evolve beyond its initial customer base and window cleaning service.

New York City – Around The Time Stadnyk Window Cleaning Began

New York City – 100 Years Later

Today, Retro Maintenance has a valued customer base that spans well beyond Manhattan to include all five boroughs, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Retro Maintenance’s services have also expanded over the years. This expansion includes Construction Cleanup, Commercial Cleaning, Power Washing, Floor Maintenance, FISP Local Law 11 Inspections, as well as other various building maintenance services.

Most recently, Retro Maintenance expanded its services once again to include disinfecting services through its latest service, Electrostatic Spray Disinfecting!

We Still Give Timeless Service

Though much has changed, our commitment to providing our customers with incredible service—Timeless Service—has remained the same from 1923 to today.

Our experienced administrative staff, window washers, power washers, facility cleaners, construction cleanup crew, flooring specialists, and inspectors all take pride in the work they do week after week.

We believe that a commitment to excellence, attention to detail, ongoing consistency, and great customer service is the key to providing Timeless Service for the years to come.

We would love to have the opportunity to provide you with the same “Timeless Service” we have given so many of our customers for 100 years.