Electrostatic Disinfecting

The evolution of modern pathogens is such that new strategies need to be added to manage cross contamination more quickly and cost effectively. That new strategy is Electrostatic Disinfecting!

What Is Electrostatic Disinfecting?

Electrostatic spray disinfecting is a broad-spectrum approach to quickly disinfect entire rooms, spaces, and facilities in a fraction of the time.

How Does It Work?

By using an electrostatic spray applicator, the disinfectant solution is positively charged as it exits the nozzle. These positively charged droplets repel one another as they evenly coat and disinfect the surface. Additionally, the droplets completely wrap themselves around objects providing 360° disinfecting coverage—even in hard to reach spaces.

More Effective Results

Electrostatic disinfecting allows for re-entry into the disinfected area within minutes of treatment while still being safer, quicker, and more effective than conventional disinfecting methods.

Areas We Serve

We offer professional cleaning in the entire tri-state area. If you need window cleaning in any of the following areas, we would love to hear from you.

  • New York
  • Manhattan
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  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut


We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning plans that will fit your budget. In fact, we can even customize the perfect package for your business’s disinfecting needs. Contact us to set up disinfecting services for your facility today.